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2023 Kickoff: Charged Up!

Today marked the beginning of the 9th FRC season for the Trobots. This morning we all gathered in the Park Hill cafeteria to watch FIRST's live stream and eat grilled cheese. We were all very excited for the game-reveal video and the release of the game manual.

The game-reveal video was released at around 11:40 am and we immediatley started to think about the upcoming challenge. The game for the 2023 FRIST Robotics season is called Charged Up and includes a series of challenges such as moving cubes and cones onto "nodes" (pegs and platforms) and balancing on a "charging station" (a platform that has a balancing mechanism similar to a see-saw).

After the video and manual were released, the team separated to do silent and individual reading of the manual. About an hour later the students were divided into small groups to really dissect and discuss the manual. Although combing through a game manual is tedious, it is important work if the team wants to succeed.

After dissecting the manual the team gathered in the Park Hill library to simulate the game, using students on rolling chairs in place of robots. This year's game looks as exciting as it is interesting! We, as a team, cannot wait to begin designing, building, and competing!


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