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Trobots 5013 News


The Trobots were a Cow Town Throwdown 2021 Finalist! We made it all the way to the final game and did a great job representing Park Hill! Below is a thread of the event, enjoy.

2:30 - Pit is set up and ready for bot driving and testing. Great to see that blue banner hanging again! Fun afternoon ahead.

Livestream of event!


Opening Ceremony

First match of Saturday!

Red Alliance win! Moved up to 17! One arm climb so checking to see what needs to be fixed.

Second Match happening now.

Moved down to 20, but good shooting.

The team doing some repairs before that last match.

On deck for match 38.

Red Win! Almost got a climb.

10:57 - We are up next. Will be Match 43

Lost that match but good drive. Looks like we are 20. Almost had a climb.

Alliance selections in progress.

We on the 5th seed team! Matches start back up at 1:00.

Here we go! In line for the next match.

1:15 - BLUE WIN! Match 1 of 3 done. Triple climb! Great shooting. Let’s do it again!

WIN! We move on. Another triple climb. Team is looking great. Amazing to be back in the game!

2:19 - First of 3. Win! Great climb, triple after review post match review. Had some issues with the ball getting stuck, will figure it out. Will return quickly for next match.

2:45 - WIN!

Almost started again. Had a break.

In the finals! Loading the bot, changed to red.

Here we go!

Hard loss on match one. Just missed the triple climb. 132 - 201.

Doing some arm repair and will be back for #2.

On a time out.

3:27 - Game 2 Finals

Another hard loss. We are proud of the Trobots! A good run!


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