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Trobots 5013 News

Cow Town Throwdown 2022

What a Wild Ride.

We stayed strong all through out competition and didn't have a major breakdown at all this competition. The Trobots made it to Semi-Finals with our alliance partners, 1939 - THE KUHNIGITS, 1764 - Liberty Robotics & 1763 - Paseliens. We were evenly matched in the Semi-Finals against 1986 - Team Titanium, 5454 - Obsidian and our good friends 8825 - Hunting Eagles with two really close games with 1 point differences. In our final game, our partners were experiencing some mechanical issues and it just wasn't meant to be.

Super proud of our team. Lets keep the momentum going!!!!



Cow Town Stream will start again Saturday @ 8 am. Trobots will be playing Saturday morning in qualification rounds: 23, 28, 34, 37, 42, 52. Alliance Picks will occur after noon.

Friday Night, the Trobots played qualifications: 3, 11, and 16. We won qualification 3 with our partners Team Neutrino - 3982 and Liberty Robotics - 1764. We lost qualification 11 but had some heavy defense against the Broncobots - 1987, Team Neutrino - 3982 and Obsidian - 5454. We knew this match was going to be difficult. We won qualification 16 with alliance partners CTC Inspires - 5801 and the Pumatrons - 5918. This match was competitive. We faced against Swartdogs - 525 and Camdenton Laser - 3284.

Our strategy team has been teaching a little bit about data collection. Here is some of our results from Friday competition.


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