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Green Country 2023

From April 6th through the 8th we participated in the Green Country Regional in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This regional was so much fun! We won 9/10 of our qualification matches. We were ranked #1 throughout most of the regional. We were the captain of the #1 seeded alliance. Our alliance partners were team 1339, Angelbotics, and team 2373, the Crickets. Team 4523, MCROBO, was our alliance backup. We won the Excellence in Engineering award!

Our team and alliance were eliminated 4th in the playoffs due to a red card. Unfortunately, this regional was our last chance to go to Worlds this year. This elimination prevented us the chance of making it further in playoffs. Although this regional didn’t go how we had hoped, it has still been a fantastic season. I am so proud of this team and our robot, Goblin! There are no doubts about the future successes of this team, and we cannot wait to show you all what is to come.

On Thursday, April 20, several members of the team will be showcasing Goblin at the Stowers Institute of Medical Research at their 2023 Midwest LRIG Spring Conference. On May 5-6 we will be participating in the unofficial Missouri-Kansas State Championship for FRC at Staley High School in Kansas City Missouri.


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