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Our Coaches & Mentors

Our coaches and mentors consist of teachers, parents, Trobots alumni, and other community professionals. Come join the team!

While we are entirely student lead, our coaches and mentors give advice and demonstrate different techniques as well as ensure the safety of all team members. Our coaches and mentors are incredibly vital to the success of our team as many of them contribute on a weekly or daily basis.


Meet The Team

Evan Kraviec
Head Coach

Mr. Kraviec is a math and science teacher at PHHS that knew just as much as you do about competition robotics when he co-founded the team with Brian Turner in 2013. He loves strategy, statistics, backcountry camping, and his beautiful wife, Janie.

Jim Ressler
Assistant Coach
David Chilson
Brad Mongar
Programming Mentor

Brad works for Keyhole Software and joined the Trobots in 2018. He became the Programming Mentor in 2020 which helped the Trobots take a leap forward in code design. Brad had two kids in Trobots, Ethan (2020 Grad) and Adira (2023 Grad).

Emmett Bulla
Joe Blount
Strategy Mentor
Janie Kraviec
Lead Non-Technical Mentor

Melinda works for VML as Director of Data Science and joined the Trobots in 2019. She helps the Trobots as need be. She is married to Brad and mom to Ethan (2020 Grad) and Adira (2023 Grad).

Would you like to help the Trobots?

We always need great people that want to share their talents!

We Volunteer

The Trobots volunteer their time to help our community. Give us a call and we will see what we can do.


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Mentor Trobots!

We are always looking for STEM mentors that can help inspire and teach our Students.

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