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Trobots 5013 News

Oklahoma Regional

Trobots traveled to the Oklahoma Regional hosted in the Expo Hall of the State Fairgrounds. It is a tough venue to be in and even though the robot performed well, we were well behind in the rankings which was a little bit of a disappointment to the team.

We were the 1st pick of the First Alliance captained by Commandobots out of Tulsa, OK. We were eliminated out of the competition pretty early with a 7th/8th place finish.

This was the regional we picked to showcase our Dean's Lists students and our Team Attributes. Even though we had high hopes for our Dean's list students to get recognition, it was hard to compete with 30 other students who are just as deserving. Our team did get a team attribute award, Team Sustainability, for the progress to make our team stronger and more robust than it is currently. This is the year we have made a major commitment to try and push for more robotics programming in our lower grades which will help us with the skills we need on the high school team as well as the push for more dedicated space at the district for robot fabrication and practice.

So long Oklahoma Regional. Next is MO-KAN Championships.

We will learn from this event and we know there is work to be done.


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