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Prairie Point STEM Night

On February 29th, we showcased robotics to Prairie Point Elementary as part of their STEM night. Over 100+ parents and kids came to the event. We showcased our practice bot 50 Brick which we were rewiring at the event since it was having some issues. We talked to a lot of adults about the program and what it has to offer for students of all ages. We even got to hang out with our Park Hill South Robotic friends, Team 5126 E. M. P., who brought their t-shirt cannon to share with folks.

One of our FLL spin off teams, The Silly Banana Bots, showcased their FLL presentations, robot and field setup. They did a great job teaching the kids a little coding and running the them through the various missions on the FLL Masterpiece Field. We talked with lots of parents about FLL and FTC and the future plans to start up teams in the middle school starting next year.


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