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Trobots 5013 News

Central Missouri Regional 2022

FIRST Live Streaming Guide of Central Missouri Regional:

The Trobots have punched their ticket to Championships in Houston!

Trobots Win Special Judges Award for the Image Presentation

Trobots recieved the Team Finalist Award

Drive Team, Pit Crew and Pit Crew Plus photos.

Finals #2 - Trobots played a great game, but again came up short. Congrats on an amazing tournament!

Finals #1 - Close Game but came up short. great shooting and great climb! Spirits are high!

Semi #1 - WIN! One more to go.

Semi #2 - WIN!!!!!!!! FINALS HERE WE COME!

Quarter Final 3 - On a tech break. Computer problems, being changed out. 3:39 update. Still holding.

3:50 - Here we go. JK. Holding again. Connection issue to one of the drive stations.

WIN! Close match, we move on!

Quarter Final 2 - Good win to stay alive. One more to go for the next round!

Quarter Final 1 - Loss, it was close.

A good pick for our team. They are all discussing strategy.

Qual 43 - 9:16 AM - Bot look great. Intake and shooting outstanding with some continued top quality driving. That was a big match to win

Qual 45 - 9:47 AM - Field fault due to the counting of points in the upper hub. So they will replay this match at the end of the day.

Qual 50 - 10:42 AM

Qual 54 - 11:29 AM

Replay Qual 45 - Tough fall and loss, but they have it figured out and will be ready!

Final Day for Trobots Regional Competition! The team is here, the bot is being tested out, and looking for a smooth final 4 Quals.

Day 1 Recap

And now time for another Trobot Talk Interview.

Dinner time for the Pit and Drive team! Bandana's BBQ.

Some photos of practice today. The bot is looking great and the team is putting up big numbers. Saturday is going to be fun!

Morning work all done, inspected and then taking a lunch break.

Trobots were up and off early to get to Sedalia. Going to be a great day!

Here is the weekend schedule and FRIDAY Practice Match Schedule. Click on the image for the larger and detailed view.


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