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Trobots 5013 News

Heartland Regional Competition

Congrats to Audrey, our first Regional Dean’s List Finalist!

Trobots win the Spirit award!

Congrats to the Trobots for being captain of team #3 Here is our team - 5013 - 1764 - 5147

Semi Number One: 3:15 Bot is out, still loading programming. Lining up.

A loss, the team is back working.

Semi Number Two: Close game but came up short. Proud of the team! On to the next event.

Match 1 - A strong showing and WIN but it came at a cost. Arm broke at the last second of the climb and the team is working to get it put back together. Looks like they are coming out, Sidewinder is back on the field.

Match 2 - Well, something is wrong. Hard loss. But taking a time out and the team is working.

Match 3 - A win, thanks to great partners. We move on and the team is hard at work.

Trobots Qual #56- 11:50am (Last overall match of the day)

SO CLOSE. We keep #3 ranking, amazing showing! Just a few shots off a win. Now comes the fun part. Get ready for some excitement!

Crunching the data! The Trobots have an amazing group of Mentors and students that focus on scouting data.

Trobots Qual #52- 11:10am - Loss, but they will regroup. Human player shot made. Great driving.

YMCA Break

Trobots Qual #46- 10:00am - Another Big Win! The Trobot fans are here early to get this started.

Trobots Qual #42 - 9:10am - WIN! Great start for the day.

Fixing our limelight mount, turns out a 3d printed mount can’t handle the weight of a swinging robot 😂

Good morning! The Trobots loaded and making their way to the competition. We ended up being ranked #5 and are excited to finish off the last 4 quals.

Friday, Day 2 Recap

Video link to all matches:

Qual #37 - 5:10pm - And that's a wrap! Amazing day, best overall showing Trobots have had, currently in 3rd but a few more others to go (ended up being #5). A lot of scouting happening in the stands which will help us be ready for finals. Amazing job on the pit crew getting the Sidewinder back in action each time. The PR team came in strong and gave the 5013 Chairman's presentation. Looking forward to Saturday to finish this off! Come on out and cheer on the 5013 Trobots!

Qual #29 - 3:30pm - Another great win. Moved up to #3 with one more to go.

Special shout out to our technicians Denny and Audrey! They keep Sidewinder in top form even though back-to-back matches and field faults!

Qual #25 - 2:40pm - Well, actually 2 wins, but the first one had tech issues. They ran the match again and looked even better. Great driving and shooting, climbed and hit the top goal human player!

Qual # 21 - 2:00pm - First loss to the day, but have a few more to go. Moved down to #6. Human player shot in and out, almost made it!

Chairmans Presentation - We were very proud to have Nora, Megan and Audrey present our Chairman's Award presentation. Great job!

Qual #18 - 1:20pm - Another win! Trobots ranked #2.

5013 Trobots Pit. This crew keeps the bot running.

Qual #13 - 11:20am. Moved into first place! Moved down after the next match, but the Trobots are on fire!

Qual #9 - 10:30am Second Match - Another win and good showing. A couple rank points keeps them in 4th.

Qual #4 First Match - Trobots did a great job shooting, quick on driving and did an amazingly quick climb at the end. 4 rank points puts them in 4th!

Opening Ceremonies complete, let the day begin!


Thursday, Day 1 Recap

Practice Match #4 - 2:40 pm. Solid shooting and driving again.

Practice Match #3 - 2:20 pm. Great job driving and shooting. Ended with a W.

Practice Match #2 - 1:20 pm - Did not participate

Practice Match #1 - 12:40 pm - Looking great!

Thursday morning inspection, Driver Meeting, calibration and then lunch.

Full Event Schedule:


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