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Trobots 5013 News

FIRST® Championships - Houston

Coverage of the Park Hill Trobots trip to compete in FIRST Championships in Houston, TX.

We are going to cary this energy back to KC and Park Hill to make 2023 even better! Congrats to our Seniors on an amazing run!


Audrey representing the Trobots at the Dean's list event. Super proud of what she has done and what she will continue to do in FIRST!


Ran into some fellow KC teams in queue! Great to share a division with y’all, @1730teamdriven and @team1710 🤖

We’re feeling great after a strong win in our last qualification match of the day! Spent some time enjoying Discovery Green; we’re looking forward to another day of quals tomorrow!

Special Thursday TROBOT TALK!


We had a great visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Trobots pit was loaded and Sidewinder passed inspection. Had a great practice match, and got to connect with so many great teams. Finally Refueled with some tasty shawarma and baklava before a day full of qualification matches tomorrow!

Special Houston Museum of Natural Science TROBOT TALK


Trip down from KC to Houston


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