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Heartland 2023

March 16-18 we participated in the Heartland Regional at Olathe South High School. This was our first regional of the 2023 Charged Up Season. We finished the competition 4th. We were the captain of the 3rd seeded alliance. Thank you to team 5119, Team Steam and team 1769, Digital Hawks, for being our amazing alliance partners.

This regional was an absolute blast. The team had a great time. We presented for the impact award. We are happy to report that there were zero electrical issues and our team was able to efficiently fix our robot before each match. Our programming lead, Tyler was our second-ever Dean’s List Finalist. We are so proud of him!

April 13- 15 we will be competing at our second and last regional for 2023, Green Country, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The team cannot wait to compete and hopefully make it to Worlds!


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